Kids and computers mean lost or stolen laptops. Sergeant Laboratories advanced features help to locate them quickly and also gives you enhanced capabilities to measure usage, monitor printers, and provide a CIPA Filter.

“In the past, technology staff simply had to guess when it came to lost or stolen Chromebooks, if IT infrastructure was being overloaded, or how much a web-asset was being used” stated Director of Technology David Losen. “A different approach is using AristotleInsight::K12’s Chromebook tracking to find these missing devices, determine how much a web-asset is being used, or to optimize your IT infrastructure.”

In particular, the Google maps integration feature allows technology staff to easily see where a device was last used on a detailed map. This reduces time and cost spent trying to track down or replace missing devices, and answer questions critical to your IT environment. AristotleInsight::K12 has long been the price-value partner for K12 environments focused on creative, accountable, and safe technology use. By combining Chromebook and Geo-location tracking with AristotleInsight::K12’s advanced filtering, forensic auditing, and utilization reporting capabilities, AristotleInsight::K12 becomes the sole solution needed for achieving complete CIPA compliance and teaching digital citizenship.

The Geo-location tracking feature will be included as part of a free update for existing customers. AristotleInsight::K12 is utilized internationally to provide student visibility, real-time alerts on traditional PCs and Chromebooks, and now Geo-location tracking, in order to help educators create teachable moments and promote digital citizenship.

Sergeant Laboratories builds sophisticated software that provides straightforward solutions to complicated IT problems. Over fifteen years ago, Sergeant Laboratories engineers were asked, “What are our computers actually being used for?” Answering that question has proven critical to help K12 environments successfully leverage the benefits of technology in schools.

AristotleInsight::K12 is an all-in-one solution for Classroom Management, Student-Centric Content Filtering, Asset Tracking & Reporting, and Student Behavior Analytics. The system provides student visibility, real-time alerts, and automated reporting on all device types, including Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, CloudReady, and Printers.