Sergeant Laboratories is pleased to announce a new release of their flagship education product, AristotleInsight::K12. AristotleInsight::K12 has been a leading classroom management and student visibility solution for traditional PCs, Macs, and mobile devices for over 20 years.

This release of AristotleInsight::K12 includes many new features designed to improve learning outcomes in the classroom. Teachers can use AristotleInsight::K12 to monitor printers, PCs, and Macs to see how students are using technology in the classroom. The updated product also comes with CIPA filtering, lost or stolen device tracking, and a new Chrome agent. The new version of AristotleInsight::K12 offers real-time alerts, student use monitoring, and better Chromebook monitoring. Teacher-student visibility and transparency has improved as a result of these valuable updates.

Speaking of the updates to AristotleInsight::K12, Sergeant Laboratories’ CEO Eric Anderholm stated that, “AristotleInsight::K12 has proven to be the leading solution in helping schools improve their student visibility and learning outcomes through the use of technology. We are now taking the solution one step further. With the help of feedback from educators, we have added functionality that includes monitoring of Chromebooks and CIPA compliant web-filtering. This will make the task of keeping students focused much easier for teachers, while still allowing them to integrate technology into their classrooms.”

The new Chrome Agent allows for filtering, monitoring, and geo-location on Chromebook devices and through the Chrome Browser. Teachers can view a list of blocked websites and tell if a student has bypassed a filter to view a restricted site. Thanks to the improved filtering and device geo-location features, teachers can decrease the time they spend monitoring student behavior and increase the quality and quantity of time spent teaching.

Sergeant Laboratories added Chromebook tracking to AristotleInsight::K12 to allow teachers and administrators to track down lost or stolen Chromebooks. Teachers can check the first time a device was active, the last time it was active before the loss, which student last logged on to the device, and what active users are doing on the device. As a result, teachers can quickly locate the device. Educational institutions can curb spending on replacements, and learners will experience fewer disruptions from time spent finding misplaced or stolen devices. The addition of this feature solves a common pain point for educators and students alike.

Sergeant Laboratories has been a leader in K-12 solutions for over 20 years. Sergeant Laboratories developed AristotleInsight::K12 for student visibility, better digital citizenship, improved learning outcomes among all students, and easier CIPA compliance. By combining these functions behind a single pane of glass interface, AristotleInsight::K12 offers teachers novel ways to improve learning outcomes in their classroom using best-in-class technology.

Existing AristotleInsight::K12 customers will receive all of the features discussed as well as many other product enhancements in their scheduled update. Those who are not yet customers can learn more about all of the features of AristotleInsight::K12, including the new Chrome Agent, CIPA filtering, and Chromebook location tracking, by visiting or calling 866-748-5227.

AristotleInsight::K12 is an all-in-one solution for Classroom Management, Student-Centric Content Filtering, Asset Tracking & Reporting, and Student Behavior Analytics. The system provides student visibility, real-time alerts, and automated reporting on all device types, including Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, CloudReady, and Printers.