Sergeant Laboratories has announced enhanced support for classroom management on Windows devices within AristotleInsight::K12, the only integrated solution for managing PCs, Chromebooks, and Macs.

Borderless Classroom is AristotleInsight::K12's intuitive classroom management solution that allows educators to create teachable moments and ensure students are free from distractions. The improved features for Windows devices include:

- Real-time viewing of student screens
- 1:1 chat between educator and student
- Open and close applications on devices
- View available/running applications
- Student activity feed with real-time notifications
- Force students into classes and specific applications
- Custom in-class filter settings

Speaking on the enhancements, Director of Customer Success David Losen stated, "We are excited to bring the classroom management features that have helped so many Chromebook users to Windows. Speaking with educators has proven to us that a variety of device types are used in schools today. By enhancing Borderless Classroom support for Windows devices, we are able to meet the unique requirements of schools and educators."

The improved Borderless Classroom Windows support is available to AristotleInsight::K12 customers currently managing their Windows devices at no additional cost, continuing Sergeant Laboratories' tradition of providing updates and enhancements as they become available.

AristotleInsight::K12 is Sergeant Laboratories' flagship Unified Digital Integration Platform for Classroom Management, Student Analytics, Asset Management & Reporting, and Student-Centric Filtering on all Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, CloudReady devices, and printers. The solution not only works seamlessly in the classroom environment but also outside of the school network to allow students to appropriately utilize school-owned technology from their homes and to ensure school assets do not go missing.

To learn more about the improved Borderless Classroom Windows support or any features of AristotleInsight::K12, visit or call 866-748-5227.

AristotleInsight::K12 is an all-in-one solution for Classroom Management, Student-Centric Content Filtering, Asset Tracking & Reporting, and Student Behavior Analytics. The system provides student visibility, real-time alerts, and automated reporting on all device types, including Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, CloudReady, and Printers.