Sergeant Laboratories announced today the expansion of its AristotleInsight::K12 education technology to include their new Borderless Classroom Technology. AristotleInsight::K12, their flagship educational tool, currently provides the industry’s most robust and cost effective platform that includes Student Behavior Analytics, Distributive Filtering for CIPA regulations, Asset Tracking & Reporting, as well as Missing Device Location.

Backed by over 20 years of in classroom research and development, the latest release of AristotleInsight::K12 introduces revolutionary new features that implement Sergeant Laboratories’ ‘simple as a light switch’ approach to educational technology.

With Borderless Classroom Technology, every student remains a part of the classroom. AristotleInsight::K12 provides the ability for students to take part in class from any physical location.

Sergeant Laboratories’ CEO Eric Anderholm explains, “To often Education Technology is developed to change, ‘revolutionize,’ or force educators to embrace different educational methodologies. We believe that the focus of education technology is not to impede or direct a professional educators mission, but to be supportive and discrete. That is to be ‘as simple as a light switch’ and as effective in lighting the learning experience as educators focused on students, not on technology.”

Borderless Classroom Technology is an extension of that philosophy. Whereas other classroom management systems force an educator to remain focused on their computer monitor, follow pre-determined teaching plans, represent classrooms as virtual fixed predefined objects, or require hours of configuration by technical staff, Borderless Classroom Technology allows for almost immediate and spontaneous use by educators similar to social media applications such as Facebook or Snapchat.

Features of the new Borderless Classroom Technology include: the ability for teachers to share their screens with students, the ability for students to take part in class from any physical location, 1:1 chat capabilities for students and teachers, enhanced and flexible classroom management, and the ability for teachers to keep students on task from their dashboard.

AristotleInsight::K12 is engineered to meet the unique needs of modern school districts. Districts today have all types of devices, such as PCs, Chromebooks, Macs, and printers. AristotleInsight::K12 not only works seamlessly in the classroom environment, it also works outside of the school network to allow students to remain a part of the classroom while not physically able to attend school, catch up on missed time, and be compliant while they use technology in the home.

Existing AristotleInsight::K12 customers have access to all of the features discussed as well as many other product enhancements. You can learn more about the newest updates to AristotleInsight::K12, and more about the benefits of Borderless Classroom Technology, Distributive Content Filtering, Asset tracking & reporting, and Student Behavior Analysis reporting by visiting or calling 866-748-5227.

AristotleInsight::K12 is an all-in-one solution for Classroom Management, Student-Centric Content Filtering, Asset Tracking & Reporting, and Student Behavior Analytics. The system provides student visibility, real-time alerts, and automated reporting on all device types, including Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, CloudReady, and Printers.